Simple Biz Twitter Widget



  • Links @usernames, #hashtags and URLs
  • Works for any username with public tweets
  • Input your own colours to suit your website
  • Does not require a twitter password

Installation Instructions

  1. Download Simple Biz Twitter
  2. Decompress/Unzip the file contents
  3. Upload the simplebiz-twitter-widget folder to your WordPress plugins directory
  4. Activate the plugin from the Administration Dashboard
  5. Open the Widgets page (wp-admin/widgets.php) under the Appearance section
  6. Drag the Simple Biz Twitter widget to the active sidebar, input your information and Save changes.

CSS and colours

The widget includes options to choose your own colours for the background, text and link colour. You must add the hex colour into the input box. E.g #FFFFFF This gives you white, to find the hex colour use this website or Google for other help.

Just a note about styling the widget. The CSS of your WordPress theme may do some damage, most probably to the first two lines of the Twitter widget. The Twitter widget uses the h3 and h4 tags to render the name and the screen name for the profile. The heading tags usually get a clear: both; rule so they’re pushed below the user image in the widget. But this can be fixed from your stylesheet:

.twtr-hd h3, .twtr-hd h4 {
	clear: none;

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